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Established in 1973, Odell Medical Search has grown into a multi-disciplined healthcare recruiting / staffing resource. Independently owned and operated, our healthcare recruiting firm subscribes to the strictest standards of business professionalism, ethics, and confidentiality.

Proof of our success lies in the fact that through the years, we’ve developed on going business relationships with client companies that depend on us to recruit highly credentialed, talented people for their operations. Our firm has grown largely from repeat business and through client referrals.

Our clients benefits greatly from our substantial database of highly qualified medical talent. Our talent management program has enhanced our ability to retain and attract both active and non-active job seekers.


Steve N. Odell, CPC

  • Founder

Mr. Odell has over 50 years of experience in the personnel recruiting industry. After spending 5 years with a National organization, he formed Odell and Associates in 1973, which is now Odell Medical Search. Integrity and honesty have always been the focal point throughout their history. Mr. Odell is a four (4) time past President of the Metroplex Association of Personnel Consultants (MAPC) and has served on the Board of Directors of the Texas Association of Personnel Consultants (TAPC) for 18 years. He has received numerous awards in his distinguished career, including the prestigious Norvel Locke Award for lifetime achievement. This is the highest award possible at the State level.

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Letter from Founder

“Wow, how time flies. I have now been in the recruiting industry for 50 years. I initially entered the business as just a means to provide a good living for my family since you are rewarded for your efforts and hard work. The main reason I stayed was when I realized the impact my work made on the lives of the candidates I worked with.

I positively changed their life for the better. In most instances they got an increase in compensation. But more importantly a better quality of life. People want change for a variety of reasons. It may be the hours so they can spend more time with family or it could be relocating to be closer to family. Many times it’s because the new opportunity offers more personal growth for the career minded individual.

When Odell Medical Search places someone, it may encompass all of those advantages. Even after they have accepted the new position we know our job is not over. Counseling with those in transition to their new position is also rewarding.

We have aligned ourselves with many organizations that can help with all the “on boarding” process. Whether it’s moving and relocation experts, credentialing and license assistance, or just reassurance, Odell try’s to always be there for them.”


Future-ceo-Eric_Odell_Healthcare_Recruiter_Oncology Recruiter_Surgical recruiter_executive_Recritier_innovation_leader_Strategoc_Leader

Eric M. Odell, CPC

  • Vice President of Strategic Operations and Innovation

Meet Eric, Odell Medical Search's VP of Strategic Operations and Innovation, with 20+ years in healthcare recruiting. A 7-time Top Producer awardee, he earned Rookie Recruiting Consultant of the Year in 2009. Eric's excellence-driven passion shapes job searches, client management, and recruitment. As a visionary leader, he anticipates trends and identifies improvement opportunities across operations, finance, business development, and more. With a rich background, Eric propels Odell toward unparalleled success. Holding a Business Administration degree, he excelled as VP of Recruitment and Senior Recruiting Consultant, demonstrating leadership prowess and client management. In his downtime, Eric enjoys the company of his three beloved dogs: Lucky, Honey, and Winnie.(click image to read more)

Deborah Lanning, CPC

  • Vice President Of Operations and Strategic Partnerships

Deborah joined Odell in 2010 after nearly 10 years in Recruitment/Marketing Management. She proved to be a Results driven recruiter becoming a top producer with our organization. She rejoined us in 2019 as the Director of Strategic Partnerships, bringing over 20 years in the business of Recruitment and Partnership Management. She was promoted to VP of Operations and Strategic Partnerships in 2023.  Deborah brings an extensive knowledge......(click image to read more)

Senior Level Healthcare Recruiters

Wendy Hattaway

  • Senior Recruiting Consultant

Before joining the Odell team, Wendy had over 11 years in sales and marketing. Her upbeat personality and great instincts have helped her build a very successful recruiting career. She uses the information gained from that experience to identify top talent for the placement of executive leaders......(click image to read more)

Recruiter, Medical Recruiter, Oncology Recruiter, Head Hunter

Hayley Slocum

  • Senior Recruiting Consultant

Meet Hayley, our dedicated Senior Recruiter with a remarkable background in the hospitality and service industry. Before joining Odell Healthcare Recruiting Firm, Hayley honed her skills and expertise in various aspects of customer satisfaction, making her transition to the healthcare recruitment industry seamless and highly rewarding......(click image to read more)

Recruiter, Medical Recruiter, Oncology Recruiter, Practice Administrator Recruiter, Head Hunter

Tyler Branch

  • Senior Recruiting Consultant

Tyler joined Odell in 2021 as he always had a desire to be in sports medicine or in the healthcare industry. Prior to joining Odell, he spent 3 years in Marketing, Sales, and Property management for..(click image to read more)

Recruiter, Medical Recruiter, Oncology Recruiter, Head Hunter

Autumn Lobinsky

  • Senior Recruiting Consultant

Autumn joined Odell in 2021. She is an experienced Business Development Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceuticals industry and food and beverage sector. Strong sales professional skilled in Sweeteners and Ingredients, Sales Force Development, Managed Care, Pharmaceutical Industry, and.......(click image to read more)

Healthcare Recruiters


Kamillea "Mia" Mitchell

  • Recruiting Consultant

Kamillea is a highly motivated and detail-oriented healthcare recruiter with a strong work ethic and exceptional skills in conflict and project management. Her diverse background and experiences in various industries make her a versatile asset in the field of healthcare recruitment. Kamillea' s journey throughout her career she has played pivotal roles......(click image to read more)

Executive Healthcare Recruiter

Michael Ziegler, MBA

  • Recruiting Consultant

Specializing in healthcare leadership, Michael is dedicated to bridging the gap between healthcare organizations and candidates who align with their unique requirements. His recruitment approach is marked by a profound commitment to understanding the specific.........(click image to read more)

Zach Dillon

  • Recruiting Consultant

Zach is a detail-oriented and motivated professional currently serving as a Healthcare Recruiter at Odell Medical Search. With experience working directly with hospitals nationwide, he excels in candidate sourcing, screening, and facilitating the entire hiring process. Zach's strong work ethic and dedication to correctness in his work make him an invaluable asset. Beyond his recruiting role, he possesses a diverse background in project management, construction, sales, and customer service. A proven leader, Zach communicates clearly and professionally, demonstrating effectiveness in leading projects, collaborating with teams, and meeting deadlines.(click image to read more)

Administrative Support Personnel

Cathy Doyle

  • Executive Assistant

Cathy, our dedicated Executive Assistant at Odell Medical Search, brings a wealth of experience and versatile skills to her role. With a background as a Healthcare Recruiter and over 13 years as a Merchandise Supervisor at JCPenney, Cathy showcases adaptability and commitment to excellence. She also boasts entrepreneurship experience with a self-employed cleaning service and a decade-long role as an in-home/educational daycare provider for military families, emphasizing her versatility and dedication.....(click image to read more)

Emily Odell

  • Research Executive Assistant

Emily is a seasoned professional in staffing and recruiting, blending creativity and business acumen from her background in Interior Design and architectural engineering. Currently serving as a Research Executive Assistant at Odell Medical Search, she contributes to diverse recruitment processes. Emily's adaptability shines through her roles as a Retail Sales Specialist, Administrative Assistant, and Client Care Coordinator. Cooperative, easy-going, and socially focused, she excels in stable work environments, fostering positive communication and collaboration. Emily's warm, outgoing nature and genuine desire to help others make her a valuable asset at Odell, complemented by her Bachelor's degree in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication....(click image to read more)

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