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Whether you are an Oncology professional seeking a career change/position, or a cancer center, outpatient oncology practice, infusion clinic, inpatient oncology unit within a hospital, or a medical center in need of quality and experienced Oncology talent, you’ve come to the right place! 

Odell Medical Search plays a pivotal role in the clinical and administrative oncology-focused market, specializing in connecting professionals with opportunities and providing expert recruitment services. Our team of oncology recruiters is immersed in the field, actively networking with clinical and administrative oncology professionals and executives daily. Leveraging our focused niche, we are adept at identifying top candidates, understanding their reputations, and aligning them with organizations and companies that are relevant to your clinical, administrative and therapeutic focus.

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Our Oncology Recruiters have extensive knowledge about the many oncology-focused professionals and the variety of positions they hold but also know the specialized cancer types, oncology sub-specialties, and the patient populations they serve. We listen to your desires and advise you on how we can help, come up with a strategic plan for your search, and set realistic expectations by being transparent throughout the search or recruitment process.  The majority of our recruiters are certified by the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) as Certified Personnel Consultants (CPC) as well as our management team.

We work with organizations that deliver therapeutic cancer services and serve Oncology Talent–with a strong focus on working with Oncology nurse practitioners, Oncology Physician Assistants, Directors of Oncology/Cancer Services, Oncology Nurse Managers, Oncology Clinical Research Nurses, clinical research nurses, clinical research Project managers, clinical research coordinators clinical research coordinators, clinical research managers, genetic counselors, and certified tumor registrars. 

Expertise in Oncology

For clients, our niche focus within oncology places us ahead of other search firms. We already know the candidates, enabling swift outreach. Our familiarity with potential candidates’ reputations streamlines your selection process, offering valuable insider knowledge.

For candidates, our focus on clinical and administrative oncology ensures your time is respected. We present only opportunities within your expertise, aligning your career path with precision. Our commitment to maintaining relationships within the industry positions us as informed sources for new career opportunities.

Our Values

Our commitment to sustained success involves producing consistent results and preserving relationships. Upholding integrity, professionalism, and excellence in all situations, we’ve earned the trust of both candidates and clients throughout our longstanding presence in clinical and administrative oncology.

Our Network and The Screening Process

Our extensive database comprises over 350,925 clinical and administrative oncology contacts, including 171,000+  executive-level connections. We continually invest in expanding and maintaining this database, emphasizing accuracy.

Maintaining a small client list is a deliberate choice, allowing us to treat clients as partners without recruiting away from them. This strategic approach, though occasionally resulting in declining new clients, ensures a large candidate pool, facilitating a broader search for each assignment.

Internal efficiency, meticulous processes, and organizational emphasis enable smooth logistics for larger search projects. Timely responsiveness to client communications and respect for candidate requests for status updates characterize our approach, fostering a strong partnership.

Just in the last 6 years we have placed:

  • (12) Medical Oncology Physician Assistants
  • (19) Medical Oncology Nurse Practitioners
  • (9) Hematology Oncology Physician Assistants
  • (16) Hematology Oncology Nurse Practitioners
  • (26) Inpatient Oncology Registered Nurses
  • (34) Oncology Infusion / Chemotherapy Nurses
  • (8) Bone Marrow Transplant Nurses
  • (11) Inpatient Oncology Nurse Managers
  • (9) Outpatient Chemotherapy / Infusion Oncology
  • (5) Outpatient Oncology Nurse Managers / Infusion Nurse Manager
  • (7) Director of Oncology Nursing Services
  • (9) Administrative Director of Oncology Services
  • (9) Executive Director of Oncology Services
  • (4) Oncology Practice Administrator
  • (3) Oncology Practice Manager
  • (6) Oncology /Cancer Genetic Counselors
  • (3) Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • (3) BMT Malignant Hematology Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • (8) Inpatient Medical Oncology Assistant Nurse Manager
  • (4) Inpatient Hematology Oncology Assistant Nurse Manager
  • (3) Oncology Nurse Supervisors
  • (8) Oncology Clinical Coordinators
  • (13) Oncology Research Nurse Coordinators
  • (12) Oncology Regulatory Specialists/Coordinators
  • (2) Oncology Clinical Research Managers/Program Managers
  • (4) Oncology Clinical Research Supervisors
  • (3) Manager of Regulatory Compliance and Quality
  • (6) Oncology Clinical Data Coordinators
  • (6) Oncology Clinical Research Associates
  • (3) Manager of Oncology Clinical Research Business Operations
  • (3) Manager of Oncology Clinical Research Finance and Budgets
  • (3) Oncology of Clinical Data Managers/Coordinators
  • (2) Director of Oncology Clinical Research
  • (12) Research Study Assistants
  • (5) Manager of Cancer Registry / Tumor Registry
  • (14) Certified Tumor Registrars (Remote and Onsite)
  • (2) Bone Marrow Transplant Data Abstractors
  • (3) Bone Marrow Transplant Nurse Manager
  • (1) Bone Marrow Transplant Quality Coordinator
  • (5) Bone Marrow Transplant Research Nurse
  • (4) Bone Marrow Transplant Coordinator


Nurse / Allied Health Recruiter

New Jersey

I have had the pleasure of working with one of your healthcare recruiters on several occasions. I have found her to be very easy to work with and a true professional in every sense of the word.


HR Generalist


Odell Medical Search has become my first call when our facility needs assistance with a difficult to fill role. Odell has presented us with excellent candidates and is easy to communicate with throughout the process. I have recommended Odell to recuiters at our other Health system facilities and welcome the chance to work with her in the future.

Odell Medical Search’s oncology recruiting team is one of the most recognized and utilized oncology recruiting firms in the nation. We have partnered with some of the nation’s leading cancer and medical centers (National Cancer Institute, Magnet, and Top 100) and our success has earned us the privilege to represent to our clients some of the finest candidates in the healthcare industry.

Our success in the oncology personnel search services market is this niche is built on integrity, professionalism, and enduring relationships. We prioritize maintaining trust with candidates and clients, resulting in increased responsiveness and collaboration. As a client, you benefit from our established reputation and extensive network, leading to more returned calls from potential candidates and increased chances of attracting the ideal candidate for your career opportunity.

Below is a list of the different types of Oncology
talent we are successful in placing:

  • Oncology Nurse
  • Chemotherapy Nurse
  • Infusion Nurse
  • Oncology Practice Administrator
  • Oncology Practice Manager
  • Director of Oncology Nursing
  • Administrative Director of Oncology Services
  • Oncology Service Line Director
  • Oncology Nurse Practitioner
  • Oncology Physician Assistant
  • Oncology Nurse Navigators 
  • Outpatient Oncology Nurse Manager
  • Inpatient Oncology Nurse Manager
  • Outpatient Oncology Clinical Manager
  • Inpatient Oncology Clinical Manager
  • Oncology Nurse Coordinator
  • Oncology Nurse Supervisor
  • Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Oncology Clinical Nurse Educators
  • Cancer Registrar / Tumor Registrar
  • Bone Marrow Transplant Nurse
  • Stem Cell Transplant Nurse
  • Apheresis Nurse
  • Pediatric Oncology Nurse
  • Pediatric Oncology Nurse Manager
  • Pediatric Oncology Nurse Practitioner
  • Cancer Registrar
  • Certified Tumor Registrar
  • Cancer Registry Manager / Oncology Data Management
  • Neuro-Oncology Nurse Practitioner
  • Neuro-Oncology Physician Assistant
  • Urologic Oncology Nurse Practitioner
  • Urologic Oncology Physician Assistant
  • Gynecology Oncology Nurse Practitioner
  • Gynecology Oncology Physician Assistant
  • GI Oncology Nurse Practitioner
  • GI Oncology Physician Assistant
  • GU Oncology Nurse Practitioner
  • GU Oncology Physician Assistant
  • Breast Oncology Nurse Practitioner
  • Breast Oncology Physician Assistant
  • Lymphoma Nurse Practitioner
  • Lymphoma Physician Assistant
  • Leukemia Nurse Practitioner
  • Leukemia Physician Assistant
  • Multiple Myeloma Nurse Practitioner
  • Multiple Myeloma Physician Assistant
  • Malignant Hematology Nurse Practitioner
  • Malignant Hematology Physician Assistant
  • Head & Neck Nurse Practitioner
  • Head & Neck Physician Assistant
  • Lung Cancer Nurse Practitioner
  • Lung Cancer Physician Assistant
  • Thoracic Oncology Nurse Practitioner
  • Thoracic Oncology Physician Assistant
  • Otolaryngology Oncology Nurse Practitioner
  • Otolaryngology Oncology Physician Assistant
  • Head & Neck Surgery Physician Assistant

Radiation Oncology

  • Board Certified Medical Physicist
  • Medical Dosimetrist
  • Radiation Therapist – RT (T)
  • Director of Radiation Oncology / Radiation Oncology Administrator
  • Radiation Oncology Director
  • Radiation Oncology Manager

Oncology Clinical Research Professionals

  • Oncology Clinical Research Nurse Coordinators
  • Oncology Clinical Research Regulatory Specialists/Coordinators
  • Oncology Clinical Research Project Managers/Protocol Managers
  • Oncology Clinical Research Managers/Program Managers
  • Oncology Clinical Research Supervisors
  • Manager of Regulatory Compliance and Quality for Oncology Clinical Research
  • Oncology Clinical Data Coordinators / Data Manager
  • Oncology Clinical Research Associates / CRAs
  • Manager of Oncology Clinical Research Business Operations
  • Manager of Oncology Clinical Research Finance and Budgets
  • Oncology Clinical Data Managers/Coordinators
  • Director of Oncology Clinical Research
  • VP of Oncology Clinical Research 
  • Research Study Assistants

Oncology Nurse Navigators, Clinical Coordinators and Patient Navigators

  • Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator
  • Medical Oncology / Solid Tumor Nuse Navigator
  • Hematologic Malignancies Nurse Navigator
  • Lymphoma Nurse Navigator
  • Multiple Myeloma Nurse Navigator
  • Bone Marrow Transplant / Stem Cell Transplant Nurse Navigator
  • Lung Cancer Nurse Navigator
  • Gastrointestinal Or GI Oncology Nurse Navigator
  • GU Oncology Nurse Navigator
  • Thoracic Oncology Nurse Navigator
  • Neuro-Oncology Nurse Navigator
  • Head & Neck Cancer Nurse Navigator
  • Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator
  • Colorectal Cancer Nurse Navigator
  • Breast Cancer Clinical Coordinator
  • Medical Oncology / Solid Tumor Nuse Navigator
  • Hematologic Malignancies Nurse Navigator
  • Lymphoma Nurse Navigator
  • Multiple Myeloma Nurse Navigator
  • Bone Marrow Transplant / Stem Cell Transplant Clinical Coordinator
  • Lung Cancer Clinical Coordinator
  • Gastrointestinal Or GI Oncology Clinical Coordinator
  • GU Oncology Clinical Coordinator
  • Thoracic Oncology Clinical Coordinator
  • Neuro-Oncology Clinical Coordinator
  • Head & Neck Cancer Clinical Coordinator
  • Breast Care Coordinator