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Whether you are a Perfusionist looking for a new job opportunity, or a healthcare facility in need of quality Perfusionist, you’ve come to the right place! We offer comprehensive search services for Perfusionists and healthcare facilities.

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Given the critical nature of a perfusionist’s role and the competitive demand for their expertise, healthcare organizations must find reliable and efficient ways to identify and recruit the best talent. Working with a highly networked recruiting firm that specializes in perfusionists can offer a plethora of advantages, including:

Access to Exclusive Talent Pool: Specialized recruiting firms have extensive networks and databases containing highly qualified perfusionists. This privileged access to exclusive talent significantly streamlines the recruitment process and ensures organizations have access to the best candidates in the field.

Efficient and Timely Hiring: Recruitment firms specializing in perfusionists understand the unique requirements of the role and the urgency hospitals often face in filling these positions. They can swiftly identify qualified candidates, leading to timely hiring and reduced downtime in healthcare facilities.

Domain Expertise: Highly networked recruiting firms possess in-depth knowledge of the perfusionist profession. Their understanding of industry trends, skill requirements, and certifications ensures that the candidates presented to healthcare organizations align precisely with their specific needs.

Tailored Recruitment Strategies: A specialized recruitment firm can customize strategies to suit an organization’s goals and culture. They engage in comprehensive candidate assessments, including evaluating soft skills and personality fit, thereby ensuring a seamless integration of new perfusionists into the surgical teams.

Minimized Recruitment Costs: Partnering with a recruiting firm reduces the burden on internal HR departments and optimizes recruitment efforts. This leads to cost savings, increased productivity, and more efficient hiring processes.


Manager of Oncology Nursing


Odell Medical Search is a Oncology recruiting service that I have used both as the potential employee and as the potential employer. I found their services to be invaluable and forthright. I believe that Odell Medical Search attempts to find the best option for the prospective employees and employers. I would absolutely recommend their use in both situations.

Our Perfusionist Recruiters have extensive knowledge about Perfusionist sub-specialties and we listen to your desires and advise you about whether we can be helpful in your search. The majority of our recruiters are certified by the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) as Certified Personnel Consultants (CPC).

Below is a list of the different types of Perfusionists we are successful in placing:

Perfusionists can be involved in a number of cardiac surgical procedures, select vascular procedures and a few other surgical procedures in an ancillary role.

Adult surgical procedures may include:

  • coronary artery bypass,
  • aortic valve replacements,
  • mitral valve repair/mitral valve replacement
  • tricuspid valve repair
  • aortic root replacements
  • atrial myxomas
  • dissections/aneurysms/trauma of the aorta (ascending, arch & descending)
  • renal cell carcinoma/obstructive vena cava
  • veno-venous bypass (e.g. during liver transplants)
  • cardiac/lung transplants
  • implants of ventricular assist device and ECMO.

Perfusionists may participate in curative or staged palliative procedures to treat the following pediatric pathologies:

  • atrial septal defects,
  • ventricular septal defects,
  • tetralogy/pentalogy of Fallot,
  • truncus arteriosus,
  • transposition of the great vessels,
  • cardiac transplants,
  • lung transplants,
  • coarctation of the aorta,
  • interrupted aortic arch,
  • hypoplastic left/right heart,
  • subaortic membrane,
  • mitral valve repair/replacement,
  • aortic valve disorders,
  • anomalous/single coronary artery,
  • vascular ring,
  • extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)